If you are considering buying a Volkswagen in Rochester, NY, you may want to read about *my* experiences with this local dealership and read what *others* in this locality have to say about Vincent Volkswagen. Their customer service is substandard and their attitude…poor, to say the least. A reflection, no doubt, of Volkswagen of America’s attitude towards their customers. Bad customer relations usually starts from the top down.

I wrote a letter to the CEO of Volkswagen of America asking him why they let dealerships like Vincent Volkswagen continue to provide substandard service to their customers when they have already received so many complaints. From what I understand, it is a privilege to be a certified Volkswagen dealership, after all.

Volkswagen of America and their CEO apparently didn’t think my concerns (or the other Rochester-area customers for that matter) were worth responding to. No one from Volkswagen responded to my letter…not even the VW customer relations department (to whom I CCed the letter).

I had totally forgotten this website was even still up until I ran across a hilarious and well written blog series by Matt Galloway at The Basement. (Entitled”Volkswagen Sucks in Rochester & Naked Pictures of Kerri Martin”) Volkswagen of America would do quite well to hire him as a marketing consultant. He totally ‘gets’ the importance of treating customers with respect and of considering them a company’s most important and valuable asset. He also understands the blogosphere and the power of word-o-mouth to ‘make’ or eventually ‘break’ a corporate reputation. Definitely worth a bookmark. Besides, Kerri Martin is pretty, smart and powerful….so I wouldn’t mind if she called me for a chat, what guy wouldn’t? (Kerri, just check the complaint logs…my number is registered).