About Vincent Sucks

Not much to tell. Vincent Volkswagen didn’t treat me so well, they ripped me off, and so I just decided to talk about it. Then I found a whole bunch of other people that they didn’t treat so well either…so I posted their stories. Pretty simple.

It’s purpose is to relate my personal experiences and with Vincent Volkswagen of Rochester, NY. I also report the opinions of other consumers that have had a bad experience with this dealer though other publicly-available online sources and personal emails sent to me at volkswagen@vincentsucks.com. What I report here is nothing new.

This web site is not in any way affiliated with Vincent VW or Volkswagen of America or with any other automobile dealer or manufacturer. I mean, duh.

I have gone to great lengths to make sure that there is no confusion that this is a site criticizing Vincent Volkswagen and that it is not the company’s actual web site. Web consumers with a minimum of 50 brain cells will have not been confused as to the intent of this site. It is, in fact, quite obvious.

Vincent logos and VW logos have not been used on this page purposely so as not to confuse consumers that this site might be affiliated with either company. Again, it is not.

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